Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013



At a more introspective strata, we are known (in the Educational Sphere) to explore new worlds, completely away from our vocational field. This is simply by rechannelisation of our earnest endeavour.

As an example, every summer the entire faculty reads a book. To then attend a workshop, where they actually demonstrate or do a new skill. This is regardless of whether you are a Theory or Practical Lecturer, a Technical Skill Educator or a Senior / Junior Teacher.

In the past, we wrestled with digital skills and studied the new digital domain. We explored the world of poetry, to subsequently compose and translate ourselves. Also, the stage of political drama and it’s repercussions.
More recently, we traipsed inroads into Organisation Management. We realised the concurrent influence of instinctive psychology, which is often in conflict with our rational behaviour.

Needless to say, these exercises make us study, debate and grow like our Students. They also bring us together as a team or a family, for
both personal and ideological dialogue.

Our Faculty has been exceptional in their creativity and lateral thinking. We take pride also, that many of us are renowned or eminent, in their respective speciality.

In 2012 they have also run the Airtel half Marathon and Centre for Science and Environment Quarterathon.

Apart from this and the challenges of updating, we are encouraged to ‘moonlight’! This is crucial, to gain inputs from the Industry and keep a floor-level connection, with our Peers. It’s a great asset in both self awareness and to monitor Employment Ops, for Students.