Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013

SESSION 2016-2017
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     The convivial cosmopolitan campus plays host to numerous events, through the year. From ceremonial or competitive ones to festive and fun-filled
extravaganzas.They are always memorable and lead to personal growth or unmask hidden talents.




     Most festivals of our country, apart from the three National Days, are celebrated with joy, elation & fanfare. Occasions like these not only depict the rich tapestry of our culture but foster the fine bonds of sisterhood.





Campus Celebrations of Baisakhi, Easter and Ambedkar Jayanti

This long weekend  is gilded with festivities throughout India. This includes happiness-filled spring fest of  Baisakhi, Poila Baesak in Northern and Eastern India. Tomorrow the coastal state of Kerela celebrates the ennoble festival of Vishu alongwith the joyous but stately Bihu in Assam. The Indian Christian community, after the long hard period of Lent, shall be celebrating Easter Sunday. Our brightest and warmest Greetings to all, on behalf of all the Students, Teachers and Staff  @ The campus of South Delhi Polytechnic for Women.

Mahavir Jayanti @ Poly Campus

Salutations to all Jain devotees @ The Poly Campus and beyond, on Lord Mahavir' s Birthday! On a humble note, all of us have much to admire and imbibe  from the profound teachings and philosophy of Lord Mahavir, the 24th Tithankara of the ancient Jain religion. Specially that of ' ahimsa' ( non- violence), ' sarvodaya ( universal upliftment ) and 'anekaantavada' ( multiple discourse and viewpoints). They have profound contemporary relevance to our present world, in troubled times. Our felicitations again, to all ~ on the birth anniversary ( 599BC) of this great ancient Saint from India.

Navrathri and Ramnavami
@ Poly Campus

Our warmest wishes, on behalf of all students, faculty and staff, at the Campus for : Navrathri and Ramnavami ! May the nine Devis and sacred beneficient avatars of Shakti Mata bless all the devout, who have fasted and invoked prayers, during this auspicous period in the honourable Hindu Calender.

Holi @ Poly Campus

Poly-ki-Campus Holi is always a BIG SPLASH !
A special mention to the students who supplied the latest Bollywood numbers !
SABSEY BIG Thank You to all students who came to the Campus Grounds with gulals, pichkaris, water pistols ~ THE FULL WORKS
Last but not the least : HOLI KI BAHAUT BADHAIYAAN !


International Women's Day @ Poly Campus

We all face challenges and trials but also unqualified happpiness and fulfillments,as part of our daily lives.This is whether as a Teacher or Student. There fore ,with a lot of hope and joy we greet EVERYONE on a special day. Salam~Namaste from all of us @ Poly Campus on International Women's Day !

Poly's Mela : 23rd Feb. 2017

Some vignettes and photographic shots from Poly's Mela , today! They hopefully capture the 'shor sharaba' and a different kind of 'raunaq', from the daily academic calendar of Session 2016 -17. As an appreciative after-thought, it was admirable to see many timid and shy students come out and bloom in sales & marketing skills. Whilst others, who normally keep a discreet backfoot - display some original and astonishing artwork or craftmanship!

Shivrathri @ Poly Campus

Har har Mahadev ! Festive Greetings on Shivrathri and on the celestial wedding of the eternal divine couple in their snow-capped mountainous abode. Many salutations to all the devout Poly students, staff and honourable teachers - on their 'day-long' fast.

Guru Ravidas Jayanthi @ POLY

Felicitations on Guru Ravidas. India's mystic saint and poet, who participated in India's golden era of Bhakti movement through promotion of presonal spiritual freedom, peace and social harmony. He is also said to have inspired numerous philosophers and teachers, who came after him.

Shubh Saraswati Puja : 1st Feb., 2017
Lets the colours of this festival brighten our life!  

South Delhi Polytechnic for Women

Poly’s Sarvodaya ~ ‘Inner peace’ Moment !
 A Meditation Workshop
On Bapu’s  / Gandhi Ji’s ‘Punyatithi din’.
Under the aegis of Dept. of Holistic Health & Fitness.
30th & 31st Jan. 2017
Includes: Renowned Gandhian monk / Lama from the Tushita Foundation.
Activity-filled Exercises and creative expressions of impressions;

Campus Venue: Hall of Books and Meditation Lawns
Timings: 9 am onwards / 90 mins, on both days.
REPORT: There was an unprecedented turnout of 211 students, who voluntarily enrolled !

Republic Day Celebrations @Poly Campus : 26th Jan, 2017

Xmas & New Year : 2016

The last event of the Calendar Year @ Poly Campus was commenced with Christmas Carols by an amateur ‘near-impromptu’ Choir consisting of students from the Dept. of  Advertising, PR & Business Studies, This was followed by the much awaited end-of-year bash aka DJ Party @ Poly Audi !
       All students were very festively attired. Some, in Christmasy Reds , others in trendy Winter Wear , and some even looked dressed for a ‘glam party ; cash-flow crunch ‘Post 8 November’ notwithstanding.
       Each department (as per their selective palate and tastes) had a certain menu of celebratory feast or edible treats.
       More soberly, there was also the dreaded Winter Hols  Project ( “No Holiday homework! We are over with school”, said the students) were allotted and issued.
       There were regrets on how quickly the Term had passed. But, others looked forward to staging promises and dismantling  resolutions! The infallible youth of our City, with their ‘die-hard’ attitude; Bless ‘em !

CHILDREN’S DAY @ Poly Campus

The Dept. of Beauty Cosmetology & Hair Styling in a precocious mood, adorned parts of the Campus with Balloons and streamers. They also sang a popular film oldie, “Insaaf ke dagar pe, bacchon dikhao chalke / yeh desh hai tumahara, tum hee ho Neta kal ke.” More seriously, they dwelt on the  atrocities in our country on children. Including those by paedophiles, the existence of child labour, corporal punishment, bullying etc. How it leads to devastation and even loss of tender young lives. On a positive note, they rejoiced on Kailash Satyarthi (who shared the Nobel Prize of peace with Malala Yousafzai) and his unstinted efforts for removal of child bondage. There were also useful tips (for young mothers)on special concessions and bonus events in the city on Children’s Day.

GURPURAB @Poly Campus

The sacred and devout festival of birth celebrations of the first Guru of the Sikhs – saw a joyous rendition of shabad kirtan composed by Guru Nanak Ji, by students from Dept. of Textile & Apparel Design. They were decked in beautiful traditional Punjabi attire. One of them also shared nuggets on the great deeds and philosophy of peace and harmony, of this Great Saint form India. On a more interesting note, they recalled the college’s historic visit to Nanakpura (Gurnu Nanak Ji’s birthplace) in the 1980’s by a delegation consisting of the Director and Female Teachers via Lahore, Pakistan. The Granthis there - at the Gurudwara said, it was the first of it’s kind after Partition from India. Also, an annual  gratuitous mention of the Sewadars of Southall Gurudwara, London, who (on an exchange UKIERI trip to Dundee, Scotland) gave such kind and caring hospitality, to the team of Art & Design Team of Teachers & Students.

Diwali & Bhai Dooj Celebrations @ Poly Campus

'Ladies Festival ' of Karwa Chauth @ POLY Campus

The popular Northern Indian  'ladies festival ' of Karwa Chauth gave some shimmer and sheen, to the  Poly Campus. As, many married students and teachers were decked up (almost in bridal finery!)  alongwith  keeping the day-long fast. The students from the department of Jewellery Design & Manufacture sang a semi-folk song on this occasion and also told of the symbolic significance of this day, to students - who are from other regions of India.

Navrathri, Dasara & Bijoya Celebratons @ Poly Campus.

The sacred day of 'Shashti' marked very cultural  celebrations @ the Poly Campus.Although, the traditional Dandiya  Dance Programme was disbanded, due to the sorrowful loss of our brave soldiers  at Uri. There was  invocation of Goddess Durga  by some students  from the Department of Interior Design. The  ancient Sanskrit Shlokas  were composed by Guru Adi Shankracharya. A popular Dandiya song  composed by  Siddharth Garima was sung by  1st Yr students from the Department of Holistic Health & Fitness.The festive attire of all studentswere most charming and eye-catching , besides in keeping with the festival norms. 

Day after tomorrow 'Ashtami' shall  mark the onset of Dasara Holidays!

Felicitations and Badhais to everyone ,on behalf of the College.

Gandhi Jayanthi @ POLY

Gandhi Jayanthi is always a special occasion every year to remember the Hon. Father of our Nation: Gandhi Ji. His life, his philosophy and the sacrifices he made, notably made UN declare his birthday as the WORLD INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR PEACE. The Dept. of Fine Art presented a gracious programme on Bapu. Dwelling on his relevance to Modern India, his universal message of non-violence and sectarian harmony, apart from reciting a Hindi poem, singing a popular song on him. There was also  a significant and  poignant one minute of silence, for the 18 soldiers -   our country lost at Uri.


There was a celebratory mood @The Dept. Of Travel Tourism & Ticketing AND Dept. of Hotel Catering & Hospitality. Apart from a mic programme (recitation of a trendy song ) they had an interesting an ‘out-of-turn’ schedule for the day. It included an educational visit to a 5-star Hotel, Tourism Craft & Souvenir arcade and diverse Cuisine Centre.Great!

7th Champion Run at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium  - 10 kms.

The Department of Holistic Health & Fitness is proud to announce that the team of 8 Runners completed  the 10 kms. run,
individually with success.

We are very proud of them!
Our Running Team:

   1.     Mitali Arora
   2.    Reyhan Chaudhuri
   3.    Muskan Budhiraja
   4.    Anjali Anand
   5.    Pooja Upadhya
   6.    Rukhima Bhadana
   7.    Palak Chaudhury
   8.    Akansha Gupta

Onam @ Poly Campus

The secular festival of Onam was celebrated and observed with evident interest at the Poly Campus -especially for non-Keralite teachers and  students.I t marked the return of the legendary King Mahabali from the nether world -to see,  all is well and bountiful in his kingdom.The students from Dept. of Fashion Design & Merchandising (who presented a cultural programme)  donned attractive  traditional attire and looked resplendent , in them. 

Onam Greetings to all and especially those, who are presently proceeding to the special 4-Course feast ,right now !


Eid-ul-Azha @ Poly Campus : 12th September, 2016

Every year Bakrid marks the conclusion of Haj, the Muslim pilgrimage2Mecca. It is also about the symbolic offering of sacrifice and portrays the diversity of rituals upon the cultural fabric of our country not just our campus. EID MUBARAK to everyone, who will be celebrating with their family or friends, tomorrow. Also, a big thanks to Dept of ECE, for a delightful Qawali rendition of Amir Khusrau's composition.


WORLD LITERACY DAY 8th September, 2016


Dept of Computer Science took the initiative to chant an invocation  in praise of the ancient Vedic Gurus and teaching system of India. There were interesting mentions on painstaking efforts of Poly’s Campus teachers.The individual interest and concern for students plus the  ‘all important’ training for jobs and facilitating employment, whenever wherever possible - in a big way!



The beloved inimitable elephant God ~ Lord Ganesha’s birthday celebrations began at the Campus from Friday. Most Auspicous! The department of Commercial Art did a brief but very melodious programme .Thanks to Chethana Narula ,our Media Com.Student  who scouted the Campus and discovered Sakshi Sharma ,a Fine Art student who specialises in paintings solely on Ganpathi Ji & his different  moods and perspectives.

Janmashtami @ Poly Campus : 24th August, 2016

The affectionate festival of Rakhi ! :18th August, 2016

Celebrating the loving bonds between brothers and sisters @ The Poly Campus, With the gentle enthusiasm of selected students, from department of Art & Craft.

'Independence Day' Anniversary Celebrations : 15th August, 2016

The first event of the Session : 2016-2017 commenced with the noble 'Independence Day' Anniversary celebrations. As per traditional custom, the alphabetic order of departments was followed.Therefore, selected students from the Department of Advertising, PR & Business Studies took the lead . They sang in unison a 'Desh Premi' song and one of the students also spoke on the general Mic, for the occasion. She gave an interesting slant on the celebrations by recalling all the recent achievements of the country. All students gave an added flavour to the occasion, by coming to Campus  - in the traditional  Indian attire.

The honour of flag-hoisting this year, went to the Head of Travel ,Tourism & Ticketing - Mrs. Bela Nayyar , at the Tonga Lawns of the Campus.

 May we never forget the sacrifices for our Independence , by that brave generation. May our Nation live long and strong!

Wishing you all Happy Baisakhi, Ram Navami and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Jayanti


Poly Mela 'SPELLBOUND' on 1st April, 2016

Launch of devotional music CD
            ‘EK AAKASH ANEK AWAAZ’
             ‘MANY VOICES, ONE SKY’

 was happy to announce the launch of Devotional Music CD:
>The Joint-Release of CD was by Eminent Musicologist :SHOBHANA RAO
of Gulwadi Quartet Fame, noted Hindustan Semi-Classical Music Exponent (Including Thumris & Ghazals)
Fellow Emeritus, Australian National University , Former President, World Archaeology Congress
&Founder, Oral History Forum, A.N.U.
>At / Venue: Hall of Books-On Friday the 1st of April 2016, at 10:30 AM
This CD contains Hymns, Dohas, Devotional songs in 9 different languages &dialects
>They were Sung by 21Poly Students for the 48th Annual Convocation Ceremony.
Students ,who were amateurs in the Music World, but have surpassed us with their soulful spirits and desire for harmony !
 It was truly a symbolic gesture for National Integration, as they learnt the pronunciation in each other’s tongues,
subtle nuances and not merely the lyrics.


Holi @Poly Campus- 2016

Self-defence Workshop on the Occasion of World Women's Day

Maha Shivratri @ Poly Campus

19th of Jan, 2016
Visit by Curriculum Consultant & Professor - Musician Therapist ,
from ANU (Australian National University), Canberra ~ for Interactive Talk.

Precious Poetry ‘n the Polyglot palette.
There was a ‘Poetry Workshop’ on 15th of JAN, 2016 @ Campus Hall of Books by Rahat Kurd (awarded Canadian-Vancouver Mayor's Award for most emerging young literary Artist:2014) and a recent anthology published in 2015, titled:Cosmophilia
                              Heart-warming opening by Ms. Kurd in Hindustani ,when she said, ”She was happy to be surrounded by such passionate young women in the historic city of Ghalib and other noted poets.”
Workshop included debates on themes like; grammarian technicalities, multiple identities, the celebration of the very precious trilingual cultures - which Ms. Rahat said made her more adventurous and experimental apart from discovering a wider world! She shared reminiscences of her travels thru’ Central  Asia’ and childhood. That is, how as a child she found at home - different languages spoken at different times and with different people. She read out two of her own poems , viz:Abdul Rahman (on her grandfather) and ‘Being married to English’.
This was followed by recitation of favourite poems of students in various regional languages of India and some ‘own’ compositions. The students also had a questionnaire to fill out with queries like ‘How would poetry benefit your life and world?’  ‘Are trans-continental and multi cultural interactions important in 2016?’  ‘Thoughts and opinions on Rahat Kurd’s poems’ etc.

                            On conclusion of workshop, there was a resounding applause indicative of it’s success and there was the inevitable clamour for selfies!

Pre~Winter Hols
Xmas Extravaganza @ Poly Campus !

MEGA CONTEST, an Inter-College Competition @ The Hall of Books

                         SDPW is pleased to announce  an
        Inter-College Competition @our Campus ~ Hall of Books.
                        In collaboration with ‘My Wall’ Ltd
                    On Saturday the 7th of November, 2015.

List of participating Colleges / Institutes

1. AD The Design School
2. Academy of Applied Arts – South Campus
3. Academy of Applied Arts – North Campus
4. IIFT – International Institute of Fashion Technology – Model Town
5. JID - Jindal Institute of Design – Rohini
6. MADA - Management and Design Academy
7. IVS School of Design - Preet Vihar
8. Exterior Interior Private Limited
9. AAFT - Asian Academy of Film and Television
10. Vastu Kala Academy
11. South Delhi Polytechnic for Women
12. Meerabai Institute of Technology
13. JD the Institute of Fashion Technology
14. IVS School of Design - Pitampura
15. JIMS - Jagannath Institute of Management Studies –Rohini
16. JIMS - Jagannath Institute of Management Studies - Lajpat Nagar
17. Pearl Academy - Narayana

Poly’s Dandiya Day: 2015 @ the Campus
Festive greetings for Navratri, Bijoya, Vijaydashimi i.e Dushehra  !!!
A thank you to all the students for the Mic Programme (including the songs in regional languages and sound effects)
and A VERY BIG THANKYOU to Faculty & Students of Event Management & Performing Art for Set Design, Music and
coordination for  a very colourful festive day. We could all see and enjoy the effort and inputs that must have been
required , long before today!
Happy Hols everyone!

IN DEEP RESPECT AND OBEISANCE TO :The father of the Nation!




·        Recall and remember your Classroom Lectures
·        Do well in Examinations, by focus & concentration
·        Manage and control your Anger & irritation
·        Handle heartbreaks with equanimity
·        Sleep soundly and optimise relaxation.

NB: Those interested, kindly enroll thru’ you class teacher
or contact the Senior-most students &Natural Therapy Faculty
Dept. of Holistic Health & Fitness


Traditional Korean Folk Music Concert

Traditional Korean Folk Music Concert ~The Pansori @ our Campus Auditorium for selected students under the kind aegis of Art Director: Mr. Imsang Song & Korean Cultural Centre, on Thursday the  4th of December,2014 .

Eminent Artists: SIYOUNG CHOI [on the Haegum] and HYUN SOOK LEE [Vocal]